Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wtf myspace?

so, when i log in, the HOME page is completely different... the friend updates are in the center, with comments underneith... I cant seem to figure out how to change it back!! anyone know? i dont like the new layout...

Wtf myspace?

click page themes at the top right.

and go to the left corner it says back to classic view click that

Wtf myspace?

maybe you got a background!

Wtf myspace?

at the top right corner of the friends/updates/comments there are selections sayin you can minimize or maximize or hide these items as though they were windows. try thm out. i hid everything but my friends.

Wtf myspace?

heyb that happened to me to and i was liek ahh WTF!

but um at the top of ur page just under all the home/browse/forums/music/..ect.u no all that stuff in the blue..well under that to the right it says page options:classic view l new skin

just click on classic view and it all will be normal again

Wtf myspace?

click the "page themes" button on the top right hard corner

then click "back to clasic view" on the left hand side, near the title "page themes" when the new window opens

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