Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace profile question?

When I have somthing like

My name is SAM,,

How do I make that a bigger size...and different color

Myspace profile question?

%26lt;font size="1"%26gt;Text Here%26lt;/font%26gt;

replace the one with the size.

%26lt;font color="blue"%26gt;Text Your Want Blue%26lt;/font%26gt;

replace the blue with the color you want.

Myspace profile question?

whateverlife has a great tutorial on how to do that kind of stuff(:

Myspace profile question?

or you asking for like the text codes??

if so to make it bigger you go

%26lt;font size="#"%26gt;

%26amp;%26amp; a different color

you can do for example : %26lt;font color="pink"%26gt;

Myspace profile question?

if you want to change the font size, #=(any number you want)

write %26lt;font size=#%26gt;

for the color:

%26lt;font color="any color you want%26gt;

=) did i help?

Myspace profile question?


Somebody asked the same question last week so I made a tool that lets type what you want, choose the size, color and the font.

It's just a webpage, you don't have to sign up, try it here:

Thanks :)

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