Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace profile code problem, please help?

Okay, im trying to center my profile, and i have found like a hundred different codes that allows me to do that... which is fine, but the problem is everytime i put the code in my profile to try and center it, my background color disapears and ends up being a white background instead!... I take the code out and my background color is back on.... And what i dont get is that only the background color disapears whereas the font colors are still active and showing... I dont understand what the problem because i have centered my profile many times before and its been fine... Anyone know whats going on or what i should do??

Myspace profile code problem, please help?

Try this code, it might work.

Paste this code in your Books section

%26lt;style type="text/css"%26gt;

Then this code to your About Me section,


%26lt;table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="435" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"%26gt;


%26lt;table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3" width="435" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"%26gt; %26lt;tr%26gt; %26lt;td valign="top" align="left" width="435" bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"%26gt; %26lt;span class="orangetext15"%26gt;About me:%26lt;/span%26gt;%26lt;br%26gt;


Myspace profile code problem, please help?

put the code in by and delete the layout code,

once the code is put in, put the layout code back in

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