Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace profile?

i want to re do my profile but im sick of evierything i have done. AKA: skinny layouts, tiny profile, bla bla bla.... so i want like a totally NEW maybe even like a way different set up. but i dont know how. so if you have any really cool websites that give some codes, or just any cool websites with cool codes let me kno!!!!!!


Myspace profile?

these are my favorite: %26amp;

Myspace profile? or

Myspace profile?

Visit: I used the same skeleton, but made major changes. If you aren't familiar with basic CSS or html stay away from it. The beauty of codding it is that you are (almost) free to design w/e you want, unlike skins lol... Good luck! :D

Myspace profile?

There are many sites that have HTML codes for myspace. So all you have to do is get some codes, then erase the old codes, and then copy the new codes. Make sure you leave some space between each code so you can erase them after trying them.

Some free websites with codes are:

Thats all I remember, but there are like hundreds more. Just search it on yahoo.

Myspace profile?

then go under "codes"

I completley did my profile off that place

Myspace profile?


thats what i use

Myspace profile?


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