Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace question.....?

ok....does anyone know how to make your font bigger and different colors?

Myspace question.....?

Are you referring to text that you have typed (such as in your About Me and I'd Like To Meet sections, etc) or do you mean pre-generated text like that in your comments or the navigation bar?

I can tell you how to change all of it, but that information would make it easier.

*IRT Chritiaan H

Actually, it's not. It's CSS.

*IRT Additional Details

In your 'About Me' section, to change the size of the text that you type, surround it with HTML tags that have inline styles like this:

%26lt;font style="font-family: FONT; font-size: XXpx; font-weight: WEIGHT; font-variant: VARIANT; color: COLOR; text-align: ALIGNMENT; text-decoration: DECORATION; text-transform: CASE;"%26gt;ALL ABOUT ME TEXT GOES HERE%26lt;/font%26gt;

This works for any section where you type in your own text, not just the about me. And it will work on any site that allows you to customize using XHTML/CSS. Here is an explanation of all the CAPITAL entries above:

FONT - this is any font you like, though you should keep it fairly generic since anyone who views your page without that specific font installed will see something completely different. You can choose a variation in fonts to be used in order of priority like so:

font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;

sans-serif is a generic entry for any sans-serif font.

XX - this is the size of your font measured in pixels (hence the px following the variables). 14px is about regular size. There are other units of measurement besides pixels such as points (which are used for printed output) and ems (which are a percentage of the size of the parent element).

WEIGHT - here you can decide the boldness of your text. Entires are BOLD and BOLDER, or you can enter numeric values from 100 to 900 in increments of 100.

VARIANT - the only entry here is SMALL-CAPS.

COLOR - here you can use a color keyword such as 'blue' or 'red', or you can use hexadecimal notation if you know how or you can use RGB decimal or RGB percentage.

With hexadecimal notation, you have 6 numeric values (3 pairs), each pair represent the shade of a different color. The first pair represents red, then green, then blue (RGB). So, for example, if I were to put:

color: FF0000; - that would be red (or color: F00 for short when each pair has matching entries)

color: 00FF00; - is green

Now when entering hexadecimal notation you are supposed to precede the value with an octothorpe (#), but myspace filters this -so there is no need. Forget to add this most anywhere else on the web and your code won't work.

I won't go into RGB notation since you can just use keywords or hex.

ALIGNMENT - the alignment of the text on the page. Entries are LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, and JUSTIFY.


CASE - change the case of the text - UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE.

Now, to change the text in the comments section, in your about me section put the following code:

%26lt;style type="text/css"%26gt;

table table table table table td {

font-family: FONT;

font-size: XXpx;

font-weight: WEIGHT;

font-variatn: VARIANT;

color: COLOR;

text-align: ALIGNMENT;

text-decoration: DECORATION;

text-transform: CASE;



Myspace question.....?

its all html:

Myspace question.....?

great site with all your HTML needs!

Myspace question.....?

try some of these myspace sites.

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