Monday, November 30, 2009

Myspace background generator??

ok I have no clue what I am doing I have had family walk me through making my own backround up till this point. I went to photoshop and made the background I wanted then saved it as a jpeg I then loaded it to photobucket and copied url then pasted it in different generators trying to get thid to work however every time i paste the generated code into my about me section my background shows up only slightly around the edges of my layout. in otherwords i have a white background with a few pics how do i make this work so everyone can see all my pics that are on the page i created? remember i am not too computer smart so EXPLAIN :)

Myspace background generator??

No generators!!

Just use this code in your About Me. Put the url [make sure it's the one that starts with "http://"] into this code where it says URL GOES HERE:

%26lt;style%26gt;body{background:url(URL GOES HERE)}%26lt;/style%26gt;

Myspace background generator??

go to and then go to the layout generator its self explanortory

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