Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace? How can I get two icons in the same row?

It's in the 'Television' section. I need to know how to get two icons in the same row...? If you understand what I mean. Like, I have two icons for every TV show, so I really want the two for each show to be in the same row, but everytime I do it, every icon comes out in a different row. I tried putting in a %26lt;br%26gt; after every two, but it doeosn't help. So can someone tell me how to do this? Is it even possible?

Myspace? How can I get two icons in the same row?

yeah, i wanted to know the answer to this question too. i just inserted 4 icons on my page, but they are in a row vertically. And I want these icons in the same row across. So I hope that info the guy above gave works. He wasn't that specific on where to put it, before or after the code. But I guess it doesn't matter, as long as it's in the code or codes that you want the icons to connect to in the same row across.

And it is possible to put icons across in the same row cause I've seen it on other people's pages. %26lt;br%26gt; wouldn't work cause that means break and we want them close together and not apart. I put %26lt;br%26gt; in my about me section where I talk about me and whatever I want to separate ideas I talk about. I couldn't use %26lt;p%26gt; cause it took the color I was using out and used small black words, so it took me a while to get that fixed to where I wanted it. But I figured that out on my own by just experimenting.

Myspace? How can I get two icons in the same row?

to put them in the same row go like this:

image 1 - %26lt;IMG SRC="LINK TO IMAGE"%26gt;%26lt;IMG SRC="LINk TO IMAGE"%26gt; - Image 2

just dont put a space between them put them right next to eachother

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