Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace bulletin code question?

I need to know how to put color on my bulletins and make the font different sizes. If there are anymore you know could you help me?

Thanks 閳?br>Myspace bulletin code question?

%26lt;font size ="3"%26gt;... for regular sized writing

%26lt;font size="5"%26gt; ...for large writing for titles, etc.

%26lt;font color=red%26gt; ... or blue, green or use a code

%26lt;font color= 000000%26gt; Use site below for color codes.

%26lt;font face = "Georgia"%26gt; ... or Verdana, Times, Trebuchet, Palotino Linotype, Lucida Console, Courier, Comic Sans, or Arial



Myspace bulletin code question?

you had to click on the html button and add it there, otherwise the code will just appear in the bulletin

Myspace bulletin code question?

for color you just type

%26lt;font color = the color you want%26gt; your text %26lt;/font%26gt;

for font sizes you type

%26lt;font size = size you want%26gt; your text %26lt;/font%26gt;

for font you type

%26lt;font face = the font you want%26gt; your text %26lt;/font%26gt;

hope it helped

Tay閳?br>Myspace bulletin code question?

here are some examples:

%26lt;font color=blue%26gt; TEXT %26lt;/font color=blue%26gt;

%26lt;font face=tahoma%26gt; TEXT %26lt;/font face=tahoma%26gt;

%26lt;b%26gt; makes it bold.

%26lt;u%26gt; underlines the text.

%26lt;i%26gt; makes the text in italics.

%26lt;big%26gt; makes the font bigger

%26lt;small%26gt; makes the font small.

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