Monday, November 30, 2009

Myspace pros,help!???

how can i make my piks on top of each other(like the kind you take at the photobooth) like theres a different pic on the top %26amp; a different one at the bottom %26amp; maybe even a third...

how can i do that only using paint,i cant download anything.

Myspace pros,help!???

Go to Lunapic...upload your first pic...choose your size...then go to Animation and press Add Animation Frame...the do it again...

This will give you the photo animation you are looking for and it is free.

Myspace pros,help!???


you just paint around it ?

i could give you a better answer if you could download


Myspace pros,help!???

You can upload them separately and add %26lt;br%26gt; at the end of each picture. The pics would have to be the same size for the effect, though.

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