Monday, November 30, 2009

What should i do different?

Am i ugly??? I dont feel pretty and i want to know what to different? Everyone tells me i look so much younger than i am. I will be 22 in june and everyone always thinks that i'm 15 or 16. I hate it.

Tell me what to do differently

What should i do different?

I don't think you are ugly at all. You have a beautiful face shape. But that is something only you can convince yourself of.

I can understand why people thought you were younger than you are. You do look young. But you should relish in the fact that you look young. However, if you just want to look older there are a few things you can do.

Avoid wearing clothing that teenagers would wear, go for a more proffessional look. That means trying to avoid wearing jeans as much as possible. Jeans are okay, if they are proffessional looking, and not too dyed or ripped. Also avoid wearing T-shirts with pictures or slogans on them.

If clothing isn't your problem perhaps make-up is bringing you down. Wearing very bright eye shadows, and dark eyeliners can really make you look like a teenager. Blue is a beautiful color, but try to avoid it for eyeshadow, as it will make you look alot younger than you are. Use more neutral tones, browns, beiges, greens, and maybe even a few pinks, as long as they aren't too harsh.

Keep your hair looking sharp too. Avoid ponytails, and braids. Well that's all I can really think of. Honestly though I think you are gorgeous, the way you are and you don't look to oyoung at all!

What should i do different?

Well first off, you are only as ugly as you think you are, seriously. So first off you should start from the inside out. You must gain some self confidence and self respect and self love. Inner beauty honestly is the key. Take the time out to really love yourself, and constantly tell yourself in the mirror, yes in the mirror, tell yourself that you are sexy, gorgeous, beautiful no matter if you are wearing an evening gown or some sweats. Now, you need to figure out what it is you don't like about yourself and change it. Don't like your wardrobe? Change it, try new makeup and hairstyles. Wear heels, that will really help you to look your age along with make up. You are a very pretty, and sexy woman you just have to let the sexiness out. Take risks, try on stilettos, and wear more elegant clothes not just jeans and a shirt. There are so many things you can do, but the only sure fire way people will see the beauty is if YOU see the beauty in yourself.

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