Monday, November 30, 2009

Myspace photo HELP!!!?

well i want to make my photos different like blackand white pics and wavy pics but i have no clue how to so can someone help with this plez ty!

Myspace photo HELP!!!?

You need a photoprocessing program. I suggest Canary Pix Deluxe 2nd Edition 3.45. It's prolly the best one out there. Only run ya bout 3 grand.

Myspace photo HELP!!!?

myspace doesnt have a photo editor, but u can edit ur pics before uploading them... i recommend photoshop

Myspace photo HELP!!!?


you need to use iphoto if you have a mac, and if not you need to have a program, usually its installed, but if not, you need something like photoshop.

Good luck with everything!


Myspace photo HELP!!!?

I believe you can do this with Thom's MySpace Profile Editor... put your pics up like normal and then I think there is an option on the editor to do this to your photos.

Myspace photo HELP!!!?

heya, this programme is pretty good for that typa stuff- it's called 'Triscape'

you can download it for free at:

and search for 'Triscape'.

It's only a trial version but you can make your pics black %26amp; white or in diff colours should you wish..and add different styles of text etccccc..

Hope it helps =)

Myspace photo HELP!!!?

photoshop before u upload ur pics. :]

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