Monday, November 30, 2009

This guy is so weird, what's with him?

In my german class, there's this guy named nick who flashed himself while people were giveing presentations. My friend chris ratted him out, and now chris skips that class because he's afraid. Nick always makes fun of me for being with chris, and someone started sending chris threatening messages on myspace. My prime suspect was nick. Person threatening him said he liked me.

Thing is, more then one guy I know would do that. So i made up a different myspace, pretening to be someone else, sent it to nicks myspace, and had my myspace url in the message along with chris, to see if it would continue, and to compare grammar styles. The threatening stopped. Two months after the incident, nick added me on my personal myspace.

I left him a comment saying I'm familiar with him but he never responded back? Do you think it's him? And if he's not responding to my comment, what's the point of adding me? To spy on my page? He doesnt even know me how could he like me! I barely talk in the class!

This guy is so weird, what's with him?

I think this guy nick is kinda spying on you and prob knew that it was you maybe that's why he stopped threatening

i think he is psychotoic.

i think you should let someone know before something happens.

even if it's not nick, you gotta watch out.

are you in highschool? and what do you loook like?

This guy is so weird, what's with him?

He may have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). He just wants to get attention from you. He may like you but cannot express himself, so he'll do something to get your attention.

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