Saturday, November 28, 2009

Myspace coloring help!?

Ok, you know how there is a general section with sections titled interests, movies, music, blah blah? Well, I got this code to add a NEW section titled Best Friends Forever and put pics of my best friends in it. But i have a problem! I have a default layout and the general section background color is blue [two different kinds of blue]. When I put that new section on my page it didn't show the blue background, it just showed white. Can anyone tell me the codes for these specific blues? It would be much appreciated!!

Myspace coloring help!?

With the new customizer, you can change the color or whatever you want right on your page while you are looking at it. Check it out.

Click on this on your home page.

Customize your profile and add Live Free or Die Hard designs with the MySpace Profile Editor! NEW!

Myspace coloring help!?

well i have a myspace uhhh just try putting it on a different box like in intreast or somthing or under the code just put enter like 5 times and put the code u wanna put... hope this helped

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