Monday, November 30, 2009

Myspace question follow up?

when i go to add a friend,this thing comes up and it gives me 2 different choices one is for request verification email, i will recieve an email at my current addy that will have the verification link. The other one is Contact Customer Service , if im haveing trouble recieving emails at my current addy click there. ive clicked there and its just something you submit...kinda like a comment card. ive already sent something there letting them know im haveing trouble,it said i would get something in my email but i never did. i dont know what to do ive trried clicking the first one also , that one too says i will get something in the mail.Ive checked both my addys and i have nothing. Can someone tell me whats going on? please!!

Myspace question follow up?

Just go to their page and click "add to friends"

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