Sunday, December 6, 2009

Myspace profile help?!!!?

ok , so when i write something on my about me section it always ends up like this :

( for example if i write )

- Hi my name is kelly

-im 23 years old and in college

-my favorite color is red

( i want it to be sperated and how it is written rite there but it turns out like this all stuck together like this )

-Hi my name is kelly-im 23 years old and in college-my favorite color is red

i dunno if its just my layout but ive tried a buncha different kinds of layouts and it still does the same thing. So do i need a code or something?? Please Help!

Myspace profile help?!!!?

but %26lt;br%26gt; after kelly, college and red

%26lt;br%26gt; means break or in laymans terms "enter" so itll bring the next line down one

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