Thursday, December 3, 2009

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

yeah u kno how people wen they post comments, msgs, pic comments, bulletins or about me sec, they make their text bold, or in the center or different colors... how to u do that????

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?






%26lt;font color=color%26gt;

and here are some other things you can do:

[you can google "html font codes" if you want to see more]

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

you customize it when your on ya profile or that website you got the codes from

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

It is all HTML codes. If you would like to use them just type in "HTML codes" on google

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

they use html codes:

for text centered you use:


for bold you use:


to change the font size:

%26lt;font size=1%26gt;text%26lt;/font size%26gt;

(you can use any number between 1 and 7 to change the font size)

for other codes use:

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?


%26lt;center%26gt;blah blah%26lt;/center%26gt;


%26lt;p align=right%26gt;blah%26lt;/p%26gt;

note: the "p" will give u a space above the sentence or whatever the line u put the code in











to change font colors:

%26lt;font color=white%26gt;yea%26lt;/font%26gt;

you can also put the color hex code instead of the actual color name.. like, for instance, the hex code for white is "FFFFFF"

just research color hex code in google, u'll find it

to change font size:

%26lt;font size=14px%26gt;blah%26lt;/font%26gt;

to change font face:

%26lt;font face=times new roman%26gt;blah%26lt;/font%26gt;

if u want to, u can put these all together:

%26lt;font face="bradley hand itc" size=23px color=000000%26gt;ok%26lt;/font%26gt;

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

you copy html code from a website and paste it into the profile or comment section.

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

%26lt;b%26gt; bold%26lt;/b%26gt; %26lt;u%26gt;underline%26lt;/u%26gt;

Myspace codes?? [[easy stuff]]?

centered text


right aligned text

%26lt;p align=right%26gt;TEXT%26lt;/p%26gt;

* the "p" will give u a space above the sentence

bold text


italicized text


underlined text


strike through text


sub text


to change font colors:

%26lt;font color="COLOR GOES HERE"%26gt;TEXT%26lt;/font%26gt;

*you can also put the color hex code instead of the color name!! for example the hex code for black is "000000"

[[of you dont know what a hex code is google it %26amp; you'll find it]]

heres a site:

change font size

%26lt;font size="SIZE GOES HERE"%26gt;TEXT%26lt;/font%26gt;

change font face

%26lt;font face="FONT GOES HERE"%26gt;TEXT%26lt;/font%26gt;

*note you can put codes all together....


%26lt;font face="impact" size="5" color="purple"%26gt;TEXT%26lt;/font%26gt;


%26lt;font face="arial"%26gt;%26lt;font size="7"%26gt;%26lt;font color="hotpink"%26gt;%26lt;b%26gt;%26lt;u%26gt;%26lt;i%26gt;%26lt;/i%26gt;%26lt;/u%26gt;%26lt;/b%26gt;%26lt;/f...

HOPE i HELPED!!! =]]

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