Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Help with myspace!!!!?

I need to find out what the codes r to make the font color different and then i want to know how to make it big %26amp; small and then the codes for symbols like hearts, clubs, etc. any clue how to do that? =[[ help!!

Help with myspace!!!!?

Here you go:




Has a lot of symbols for you to use and the codes to make them.

Help with myspace!!!!?

hearts = 閳?do the end sign %26amp; then write out hearts then semi colen; so %26amp; hearts ; but w/o spaces 閳?br>Help with myspace!!!!?

for color you type this

%26lt;font color="the color you want"%26gt;

when you type a comment

for hearts you type this hearts;

Help with myspace!!!!?


hope this helps you (:

Help with myspace!!!!?

whateverlife.com. Ido lots of stuff there.

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