Sunday, December 6, 2009

Myspace help please?

ok so on my profile in the whole interests box everything is a clickable link and it makes them a different color than everything else so you cant read them. when i go to customize my profile, it says that to disable this, i just put a %26lt;Z%26gt; in the boxes where its happening, so i did that, and then once i clicked save all changes, all of the %26lt;Z%26gt;s turned in to two periods. anyone know whats going on and how i could fix it?

Myspace help please?

apart the codes from the %26lt;z%26gt; like this

aogagjijahaioghkioskiogioajhgkiojhif(t... is a code)


Myspace help please?

just put %26lt;z%26gt; in front of the code once.

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