Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Myspace HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

Im making a layout site.

I need layout generators

I was looking for a website that had a bunch of different types of layout generators.

please help by helping find one for me!!

The types of layout generators i need are:

Skinny Layouts

Default Layouts

And if you can:

D.I.V. Layouts

Two Coloumed Layouts

Myspace HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

if you are going to make a "layout site" then why dont you write your own generators?

you wont be able to steal other people's generators.... php doesnt work like that

Myspace HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

You can find a great layout generator here -the link below

Myspace HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

Go to mygirlyspace.com, glitter-graphics.com, mysugarspace.com

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